Monday, February 11, 2013

Countries with More Than One Official Language

We all have at least one native language. But some of us have even two, three or multiple native languages. This often depends on the place we come from. Some very typical examples are Canada (official languages are English and French), Switzerland (French, German, Italian and Rumantsch), Belgium (Dutch, French, German), Spain ( Spanish, Catalan, Valencian, Basque, Gallician, Asturian) and Luxembourg (French, German, Luxembourgois). However, this is just a small number of countries. There are actually countries in which there are so many languages that a human's lifetime wouldn't be sufficient to learn all of them. Nigeria is a perfect example. It has 520 registered languages. Although the official language is English to faciliate every life and administration, the major languages spoken are YorubaHausaIgboFulfuldeKanuri, and Ibibio.  
Another interesting fact is that the number of countries in which only one language is spoken is actually much smaller than the number of countries in which there is more than one language.

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