Sunday, February 10, 2013

Der Kölner Rosenmontagszug - The Carneval's Parade of Cologne

Over one million people will gather tomorrow in Cologne, one of the most active cities during the traditional Carneval celebrations in Germany, to watch the Rosenmontagszug, the biggest Carneval's Parade in Germany. The parade consists of wagons that parody different themes going from politics, sports, the economy, to the society and life in the city. 

The parade consists of dancers, musicians and members of the Carneval associations as well as dance groups in colorful costumes. They walk, stand on top of the wagons or ride on horses throwing candy, flowers, share kisses and celebrate for 4 hours along 7km through downtown Cologne.

This year's motto is "Fastelovend em Blot, he un am Zuckerhot" which translates into "Carneval in the blood and at the Sugar Loaf". The motto harmoniously reflects the connection Cologne and Rio have built up since they became twin cities one year ago. In this year's Rosenmontagszug, yellow and green will be the dominant color and Samba rhythms, Brazilian music and dancers from Rio will fascinate the crowd. Five Carneval associations have formed a Samba school and will lead the parade.

Themes that appear in this year's parade include the soccer world championship which will take place in Brasil in 2014, the Olympic Games in 2016 and the World Youth Day. 

The Kölner Rosenmontagszug will be one of a kind this year.

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