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If you want to take the TestDAF, you already need good German skills. The TestDAF institute recommends you to take at least 700 German lessons before attempting to take the test. The best results can be achieved after you took 1000 German lessons. The TestDAF is a prerequisite for non-German native speakers if they want to study at a German university. The contents include business texts and vocabulary integrated in listening, speaking, reading and writing parts. The way you communicate is more important than grammar, so you should make sure you receive enough communication training with your German teacher. 
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You can find more information about HOW TO APPLY FOR ADMISSION TO A GERMANY UNIVERSITY by visiting the DAAD website, which is the German Academy Exchange Service. 

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You can find model sets of the TestDAF by accessing these links: Model Set 2 Model Set 3

This is an overview of the TestDAF as provided by the TestDAF institute. You can find more information on the test on their website.

Exam partAssignmentsExamination Goal
3 Reading texts with a total of 30 items

Duration: 60 min.
  • Understanding overall context and individual information
  • Complex processing of information
    (u. a. Filtering implicit meanings and points of view)
3 Comprehension texts with a total of 25 items

Duration: approx. 40 min.
1 text production assignment

Duration: 60 min.
  • Describing diagrams and tables
  • Giving your opinion on controverse questions with presentation and justification of different points of view
7 Speaking zum Sprechen

Duration: approx. 30 min.
Act and interact appropriately in everyday situations at a German university:
  • Requesting information
  • report about/describe something
  • explain information derived from a graphic
  • Explaining and justifying your point of view
  • Weigh the advantages and disadvantages
  • Develop and present hypotheses
  • Give recommendations and justify them
Total duration without break: 3 hours. 10 min.

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